Which table to choose – static or height-adjustable – and how do they differ? Surely everyone who has had to set up a work corner has this question. There are various aspects to choose the most suitable table. This time we will look at the practical differences between different tables.

In which cases is a classic table enough for me?

First, it is important to understand what qualities are important to you in the workplace and what your work style is. If you are one of those people who likes classic values ​​and would describe your work style as moderately active, which means that you spend about 40 – 45 minutes at the table and then move your legs for a walk before continuing to work, classic tables will work well for you. The advantage of classic tables is that their frame is available in different shapes and materials.

Those who value coziness in the workplace will definitely enjoy a table with ash wood legs. Thanks to natural materials, you will be able to enjoy how the tree changes over time, developing shade, depending on the amount of light and sun in the room. On the other hand, the metal frame is a safe option if you prefer constant quality – the metal frame will last for years and if the layout of the room ever changes, it will be easy to change only the desktop. This way, you will not only save money, but also be able to express yourself creatively.

What if you want to introduce more movement into your daily rhythm?

Height-adjustable tables are becoming more and more popular! Such tables are suitable not only for those who like to be on the move, but also for those who find it difficult to sit for long hours while working. Furniture manufacturers offer a lot of different variations of sit-stand tables and it is quite easy to get confused by the wide range. Let’s distinguish three most popular options – the table can be adjusted electrically, manually or with a gas mechanism. Let’s take a brief look at the differences between these types of tables.

The golden mean between classic and innovation

If you often face the problem that classic tables are too low or high for you and it is inconvenient to work at your desk, manual height-adjustable tables are a good solution. Their design is ascetic and at first glance it will be difficult to tell how this table differs from others. The height of the table can be adjusted with the help of the fastenings located at the bottom of the table legs. On average, the height of the table can be changed in the range from 62 to 85 centimeters. These types of tables will be perfect for those who like to be in one position while working and who’s everyday active enough.

Tailor the table to your needs, not your work – to the table

A more advanced category of height-adjustable tables are those who are electrically adjustable. For the most part, they look very similar, although tables with design accents, such as panel legs, are also available. Assessing these tables visually, their clear advantage is the airy frame, which is available in white, black and metallic. Table frames are available with two or three column legs. How does this affect the performance of the table? If the table has two column legs, it will be lower, with three column legs its height adjustment range is larger.

Table functionality and materials = quality

An important aspect when choosing a table that will last for years is its engine and additional features. One of the most popular engines is LINAK due to its sustainability, quiet and fast operation. Of course, each user has their own needs, so it is advisable to check any type of table before buying to understand the difference between the different motors and their operation.

Given that there is a filing cabinet, drawers units or a chair under the table on a daily basis, one of the most important functions to pay attention to is the anti-collision function. For example, the PIEZO anti-collision technology uses a sensor to determine the proximity of an object to the table frame, and when it is too close, the table movement is stopped. In this way, neither the table nor other objects physically suffer.

Take advantage of technology, don’t limit yourself

Another large category is the height-adjustable tables with a gas mechanism. This type of table does not require an electrical connection, although in practice they are regulated in the same way as electrically height-adjustable tables – with the help of a button. The gas-adjustable table is easy to use because it can be placed anywhere and has no wires to visually hide. Thanks to the gas mechanism, the table adjustment is quieter.

Desks shown in the pictures:

NOVA series, Narbutas

ONE H series, Narbutas

MOTION series, Narbutas


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