AccisPro is the latest chair collection from Profim.

This is an example of how technology can improve simple and ordinary activity – sitting!
The seat and backrest adapt to the user’s body movements. The purpose is not to burden the spine. 

Design is not everything – smart solution is also important. Independent movement of the seat and backrest is guaranteed thanks to the patented SmartHPS system. The backrest can be moved sideways thanks to a spherical joint system that connects the backrest to the mechanism.

Seat movement is possible thanks to a spherical joint mounted in the center of the seat. Profim made sure that any user could move sideways but at the same time feel stable in their seat. The side movement function of the seat can be locked. The chair is equipped with a synchronous mechanism as well as additional functions related to sliding the seat and tilting the seat forward.

AccisPro does not restrict the user – it follows his movements. Move. Change positions. Sit active!


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